I am Kate Green.

Creative problem solver. Leader of engaged teams.

I’m so many things and that’s part of what makes me a great leader.


Really? Yes. I can find connections and meld philosophies between any two disciplines.

  • Dog training and testing software? Check.
  • Gardening and commuting? Sure!
  • Music and bravery? Most definitely.
  • Leading teams and parenting? Of course. (Shhhh. Don’t tell!)

Mastery comes from understanding a skill and then synthesizing that skill into what you already know. I tend to see connections where others don’t and it allows me to draw upon my full range of expertise.


My core ethos is improvement. I am better this week than I was last week, and that will always be the case. I like to get good at skills and I like to help others get better, too. Building others up and watching them thrive is a huge part of my raison d’etre. In my life, there’s been many things I am very good at throughout my life:

  • Musician
  • Baseball & Softball
  • Software Engineering
  • Gardening
  • Hockey
  • Distance Running
  • Dog agility and training overall
  • Parenting
  • Movement, after an emergency back surgery and long recovery

I teach others, I speak at conferences, I ask entirely too many questions. I will push anyone around me to be their best, with a combination of passion, laughter, questions, and high expectations.

Anti-racist and feminist

My breadth of knowledge shows the importance of a diversity of thought and understanding in becoming a complete person. I take that mindset and apply it to those I choose to spend time with.

I am a feminist, I am anti-racist. I want everyone to have opportunities to be great. I firmly believe that what is good for the most marginalized of us is good for everyone. Thus, I seek to build up everyone around me so they have a chance to become their very best.

Software Engineer

I’ve been writing code for over 20 years. It’s a great job that has allowed me to think in such novel ways. I started as a web designer in 1998, took C in college, and spent many years honing my skills while working all over the Naval Research Lab in Washington, DC. I’ve secured machines, built database applications, done print and web graphic design, and maintained large applications.

From there, I moved to the Chronicle of Higher Education and the Chronicle of Philanthropy, where I learned to love devops and led front end web development for both newspapers (off the same codebase).

After that, I took my newfound devops love and moved into automation and testing, where I created larger build pipelines and created robots, dashboards, and whatever else was needed to test our product. Along the way, I learned to look for the big picture and to question the nature of testing.

At Upside, I led an automation and tooling team. We built the robots, we created developer-centric products for the product engineers to use, and we built and write automated tests. My role was a hybrid of team lead, architect, and product manager. I’m proud of what we implemented and the team I led.

I’m currently leading a product engineering team at Till, where we’re working to end eviction. It’s fun to get back onto the product side of engineering.


No matter what it is, I want to compete. Competing makes me better. There’s always been something. Baseball, softball, music, hockey, puzzles, running, dog agility.

Here’s my dog, Reba, and I celebrating after we ran an agility course. She’s an agility trial champion, a lifetime achievement for us as a team. I also have a young dog, Dash, who’s about ready to start taking over the world. He’s so fast and fun.

About this Blog

I use the blogging platform Hexo with the theme Minos. I’ve modified the theme a little here and there, but it’s mostly intact. It’s one of the most well-supported themes with good documentation. #quality!

For my posts, as with any longer form typing I do, I use Markdown in Sublime Text 3 or the iPad app Working Copy. Here’s the source code.

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