What I Use


  • Phone: iPhone 12 mini
  • Tablet: iPad Pro with a Pencil
  • Laptop: MacBook Air 13”
  • Withings for body tracking, though I don’t love its overall integration into the Apple Health world. At the same time, from a privacy perspective, maybe that’s okay
    • Steel HR (from 2017 and still ticking along). Waiting (kinda) patiently for a ScanWatch
    • Body+ scale
    • Sleep



My philosophy is based on relationships, setting my teams up for success, and being as transparent as possible. Most of my approach comes from my education background and experience with some very good leaders. However, these are the books I’ve added the most from:




If you’re looking for a place to train your dog, find a place that will help you teach your dog and set them up for success. There’s no need to be violent or mean to teach. If you need help and you’re not local to me, please reach out and I can find someone.

When I compete in agility, I mostly do NADAC and UKI right now.

Local to Me in Maryland



My philosphy is to encourage open-ended play, lots of physical movement, and be sure my children get the sleep and emotional support and safety they need to thrive. I model my parenting after Unschooling and John Holt’s teachings, as well as the very precise method of “Doing Mostly the Opposite of What my Parents Did.”

Things I rely on are:


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